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Why is it that I always manage to come down with a cold a week before exams?

It hit me hard, but this time my parents and I did what's probably the right thing, and pull me out since I was too zonked to learn anything from classes anyway. I called Professor Matthews, the teacher of my acting class, to let him know that I wouldn't be there, and then called my parents so they could pick me up because the dorms are not well-equipped for helping sick students heal.

And I'm feeling a lot better now- because we did the smart thing, and got me to where I could get sleep and proper quantities of chicken noodle soup, I'm feeling like I'm getting over it rather quickly. Maybe I'll be well in time for my Physics exam next Tuesday!

I did get to turn in my CS102 lab; my father drove me back to campus for the lab session where I show off my talking calculator to the TAs. The lab section will be over pretty soon (I didn't hang around once the demo was done- no reason for me to!), so I'll be able to show off my inane, pointless talking calculator... with a SeKrIt Ch33T C0de SkR33n! (Window caption: "Why is this in a calculator anyway?")

Anyway, I don't like being sick, but at least I'm getting better in relatively quick time. I'm just glad my parents were close enough by that I had this option...

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