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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Why is it that I always manage to come down with a cold a week before exams?

It hit me hard, but this time my parents and I did what's probably the right thing, and pull me out since I was too zonked to learn anything from classes anyway. I called Professor Matthews, the teacher of my acting class, to let him know that I wouldn't be there, and then called my parents so they could pick me up because the dorms are not well-equipped for helping sick students heal.

And I'm feeling a lot better now- because we did the smart thing, and got me to where I could get sleep and proper quantities of chicken noodle soup, I'm feeling like I'm getting over it rather quickly. Maybe I'll be well in time for my Physics exam next Tuesday!

I did get to turn in my CS102 lab; my father drove me back to campus for the lab session where I show off my talking calculator to the TAs. The lab section will be over pretty soon (I didn't hang around once the demo was done- no reason for me to!), so I'll be able to show off my inane, pointless talking calculator... with a SeKrIt Ch33T C0de SkR33n! (Window caption: "Why is this in a calculator anyway?")

Anyway, I don't like being sick, but at least I'm getting better in relatively quick time. I'm just glad my parents were close enough by that I had this option...

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try visualizing your systems getting cleaned out by pure water or something everynight before bed in conjunction with nicken choodle soup :)

In Hawaiian shamanic healing (and probably a lot of other systems as well) it's said that all illness is actually a result of stress and/or your ku (your subconcious, though their definition of it is slightly different) is trying to use the illnesses as a defense. Colds are the most common example of this- your ku learned early-on in your life that if you had a cold, you could stay home that day, and didn't have to deal with the (seeming-comparatively-worse) situation at school. If you're always mysteriously getting a cold right before exams, that's probably what's going on. This is a pattern you need to turn around, and the way to do that is to convince your ku that you actually /don't/ want to flee from the exams- you've got to release the anxieties you have about it.

Dunno if this really applies and is something you'd want to try. Just sounded relevant. I don't practice Hawaiian shamanic healing. (Though I did like the concepts of it described in Serge Kahili King's books. "Urban Shaman" is one of the best magic books ever.)

That makes some sort of sense, biologically. Stress depresses your immune system, so a constant, high level of stress is going to make you more sensitive to germs and whatnot. Feeling unstressed and having a sense of well-being strengthens your immune response, so you get sick less often.

In addition, if you're in any field that would require you to spend copious amounts of time in one room with other people (animating/programming in a computer lab, anything with lots of group work), it's going to act like a petri dish and you're going to all catch each other's sicknesses. One of my friends has "animator's disease" because it's 9th week (of 10) and he's been spending hours in the animation lab, working.

Visualizations could help - it's kind of a weird image, but you could imagine all the poisons of your body gathering in your lungs, so that every time you breathe out you expell some of them. Or you could have them drain out of your fingers and toes, or anything you like. Sleep and time away from the dorms probably helps to. >^..^

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