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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Well, I can't sleep. Again. At least I know exactly what it was that got me tense enough that I'm having difficulty resting.

The scene: 11:38 PM, me in my dorm wasting time having finished all my assignments.

A little attention flag trickles across my brain.

Huh? Whazzat?

Great. If I trust my intuition, I might want to get my coat and shoes more availible. Figures that it would be a Monday night, when I've got to wake up earlier on Tuesday.

Five minutes later...

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...*

The fire alarms at Washington University are not particularly subtle.

So here I am, four hours later, still unable to sleep. Go figure. At least I've read and worked and experienced so far ahead of the class I won't miss much if I wind up sleeping through CS102 anyway.

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Heh, wonderful timing. I assume it was some dick who pulled one, rather than just a random 'drill'.

University House (my dorm) has had no fire drills. We haven't even needed to have montly fire alarm tests because they get tested in use. And there have been no handle pulls in the dorm, ever, and this evening was no exception.

Which is kind of sad, really. The system goes nuts if you burn popcorn. (Or, like one of my suitemates did and evacuated the dorm for it, incinerate pizza rolls.) It has been set off twice by fondue pots, both on a Sunday morning. (And I have no clue whatsoever why someone would want fondue at 10:00 AM on a Sunday. Twice.) Another one was the system shorting out during a downpour- forcing us all into the downpour- and another notable case was the smoke detector that went off from the steam from a shower.

Nope, no pulls here...

Ah yes, the late night fire alarms, that would be one of the big reasons I moved out of university housing.

There was one dorm I lived at where each room had a small kitchen, so the alarms went off almost on a weekly basis. Many of those alarms were at two or three in the morning. One of those 3am alarms was in the middle of finals week. Yup, that was a fun night. :)

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