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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Campus Photography
color cycle (slow)
All of the images linked below are VERY LARGE. The file size isn't that bad, but the images are at full 1600x1200 resolution.

First, a composite image created by my lying on the floor and taking four shots of the ceiling of Lopata Gallery. Distorted from the angle change, but it's good enough...

Behind Lopata Hall is this cool piece of modern art / I-beam construction demonstration.

Sever Hall is the main computer building of the engineering complex; it's where the CEC is. It's the building on the left of the archway; Lopata is on the left.

Graham Chapel is the campus' generic church-building, and Olin Library is a really cool, really huge library (as you probably suspected). 1.2 million books... Graham's on the left-straight-ahead, and Olin is on the right. The object in the foreground is a bike rack.

Campus has a healthy population of squirrels.

"The Swamp" is the name for the general-purpose field behind the dorms. It's pretty in white.

From a different window: Rubelmann and another dorm I can't think of the name of, as seen from the back.

From a third window: The sidebackish portion of Wohl Center, important primarily due to the fact that it is the building on the South 40 that actually has food, or at least foodlike substances.

All the pictures I've got for now... at least my camera now has a battery that lasts more than twelve seconds!

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Actually, the composite looks nice. The distortion's there, but minimal. Pretty nice photography - color balance, contrast, and all that seems good. And thank you for the res warning! A lot of people just link to huge images with no warning, or (worse) use [img] tags to insert them straight into their posts. It's really obnoxious.

I like the fact that your college actually has some variety in building material and style. And it looks like the buildings are scattered somewhat randomly. My college is somewhat infamous for the ugly architecture - EVERY SINGLE BUILDING is red brick. And a lot of the walkways are brick too. It looks like a prison or mental hospital or something. On top of that, it's designed like a wind tunnel, with one long walkway running from the center of the dorm area to the center of the academic area, with the Student Alumni Union, the Interfaith Center, and the gym-type stuff in between. So you have to walk a full quarter mile, straight, to get from the dorms to any class (except a gym). And the wind whistles down the Quarter Mile (yes, it's named that) - I've threatened several times to rig up a sailboard, or get some roller blades and a large piece of cloth, or something, and let the wind propel me instead of walking. (That inspired me to write up some stuff about a particular kind of anthro dragon, that went to school on a campus much like this one, who rollerbladed to and from class, using a headwind to help lift them into flight, or a tailwind to push them along with spread wings as sails. It was fun to try and work out the details, but I never did anything with the idea.)

Yay snow!

A quarter mile is about the distance from my dorm to Mallinckrodt Center, taking the shortest route. It involves a flight of stairs and two street crossings, only one with a crossing light; for the longer path with a better flight of stairs and only one crossing, it's a bit longer. (This is by my GPS unit; both paths zigzag.) From there to my first class on M/W/F is zero feet as it's in Mallinckrodt; on Tuesday and Thursday, however, I have another 1/5 of a mile to go to get to my first class. The Engineering Complex is even farther away, a full 1/4 mile from Mallinckrodt. So walking to the CEC is half a mile... At least it's an interesting half mile.

Of course, some of this interestingness is created by intermittent black ice on the sidewalk on days like this, but I'm quite skilled at keeping my balance...

Yeah... I know. I've wandered some of the more sprawling campuses. My complaint is about how the academic buildings are all clustered together, and then there's this biiiiig stretch of next-to-nothing (well, parking lots) and then there's the cluster of dorms. If they wanted to cluster them, why couldn't they cluster the dorms right next to the other buildings? Sheesh. And my walk is a little closer to a third of a mile, but some people live further back in the dorms and go to further academic buildings... It's stupid, up here. Especially with this insane wind-tunnel design. (Not to mention that we get lake-effect weather, winds included...)

Bah. I just like to complain. >^..^

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