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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On Counter-Productive Fees
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So there's a bone marrow drive going on now on campus. You would think the annoyingly frequent blood drives would be bad enough, but now they're not out for your blood. They're out for your bone marrow. They'll make do with your blood for now, though, and they'll see if you're a match (as far as the first test can tell) for anybody in their archive who needs bone marrow. Cool, really; a college is a reasonable place to find reasonably healthy people who can handle the loss of marrow. I chose not to participate; call me a cold heartless evil lizard, but I'm only 17 and there was something else...

Giving bone marrow is something that I suspect can only be described as "unpleasant." You are undergoing a surgical procedure that removes necessary tissue from your body at no medical benefit to you; in fact, you're weak and in pain for weeks afterwrads. In the case of these drives, it is to help a complete stranger. (If I give bone marrow, it would be to someone I know- and on the flip side, there would be no question in such a case should it ever be needed. I'd do it if I match. Maybe I'm cold, evil, heartless, asympathetic and self-centered to not want to go through such a trial for someone I don't know in the slightest; if that's the case, so be it.) Now just participating in this drive doesn't immediately claim your marrow; it just puts you through a blood test and adds you to the system so they can pester you if they find someone who needs you. And really, it's a noble act: even to make the offer to so badly hurt and inconvinience yourself for the life of a complete stranger. Anyway, whether you actually wind up donating marrow or not, I consider blood testing to be rather unpleasant; they're shoving a fucking needle in your arm and sucking out your blood like some sort of big mechanical mosquito.

And what do you get for undergoing this naturally semi-invasive test and offer of extremely invasive surgery for the sake of another? A $25.00 bill.

No, not as in a twenty and a five added to your wallet. As in, a twenty and a five subtracted from your wallet. These genuses are actually charging money to people who do this. It's advertised on every flyer that there is a fee associated with this.

Think about this for a minute. They are trying to convince people to potentially undergo a painful operation that helps them in no way whatsoever. At the immediate time, they are stabbing you with a pointy object and sucking out some of your blood. And they're charging YOU money for the experience? Shit, if they had me doing this, I'd want to be given twenty-five bucks, not docked for it!

The girl who asked me if I wanted to be a marrow donor was mystified as to the extremely low percentage of volunteers. She couldn't understand it...

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They also want your babies.

That's not true. First off, there are more combinations of possible bone marrow than there are people in the world. Secondly, the procedure doesn't hurt. It's not that bad. The money goes towards testing to see if you have any diseases. That's why they ask for the 25 bucks.

Also, there are 2 procedures to get bone marrow. One lasts like a week and the other doesn't last too long. My roommate explained it to me if you're really interested. But it's a good idea. I would do it if I had the 25 bucks to do it.

I'm with kistaro on this one. Medical procedures scare me, they'll have to retest for at least the non-genetic diseases if you ever match, I like my blood inside my skin, and actually donating marrow sounds painful as heck. And I might still go through the screening as it seems a noble thing...but to pay for the privilege? Mmm. No.

bone marrow is really painful, as they generally suck it out of you with a large needle. and then you make less blood for a time, since you are missing the blood making part, and that area on your body is weak for a time while it regrows.

Personally, I am terrified of needles, but I donate blood when I can. I have AB-, so I feel obligated to give it. I'm rare. :D

the money ggoes to testing whether you have any diseases. That's why it costs 25 bucks. My roommate offered to pay for my cost cuz she thought it was a good idea.

Yes, I realize that. But asking people to pay for the privilege of doing something that is inherently scary to a large part of the population, and of no direct benefit to them, is foolish. Being surprised that you then have few volunteers is silly. You will, instead of getting anyone who might grudgingly consider it, get only those who feel strongly enough about doing it to pay the money.

There should be a grant, fund, or other way of handling paying for the testing, since it is also for the benefit of potential recipients, not the person who is effectively considering going through a fair bit of pain and inconvenience ofr a complete stranger some day. But if there isn't, then there's no call to be surprised if there are few volunteers. Especially in a college setting where many people are already weighing relatively small budgets.

I agree that it is foolish to think that the majority of people would want to donate blood. And I don't disagree that there should be no reason to be shocked by the low numbers. I just didn't agree that the people shouldn't do it because it hurts. The procedure isn't painful.


I wasn't saying that giving blood was painful. I've no idea where you got that. We were talking about signing up to donate marrow, which IS painful and DOES weaken you if you're selected. If you're scared of pain, paying to get screened for something that - should you actually be a match and be useful! - will hurt, is not likely to encourage your brave side. :)

Wow, Kistaro, your generosity and compassion for those in need really astounds me. </sarcasm>

Actually, it's something I'd honestly consider doing, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm legally too young and the fact that they're trying to charge me money to do it. But I do have an extremely strong aversion to needles, yes.

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