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Please Wait... Forever

I like CS241. Really, I do. The class is great, Mrs. Goldman is a great teacher, and the lab I've had so far was quite interesting to do.

I wrote a little application to repeatedly test and time the algorithms, as specified in the lab assignment. Because my Windows computer has been giving erratic numbers, I ran it on a Linux box.

When the Brute Force algorithm (for the "closest pair of points" problem) takes more than ten minutes to run, a flag will be set and the algorithm in question won't be called. (A blank spot will be placed in the output instead.) The other three algorithms have differing timeouts, but the ten-minute timeout was specified in the assignment

The problem with these machines is their greatest strength: they are very fast and powerful. Extremely fast and powerful- these computers are designed for number-crunching. Uses like this are what they thrive on.

So I have been sitting here for the last three and a half hours, doing nothing on the computer running the tests. (This is being posted from the adjacent terminal.) Three and a half hours, sitting in the CEC, studying Algorithms and Acting and playing my Game Boy and being very, very bored.

Three and a half hours. The algorithm just took three minutes to run on the last trial. It's exponential time, so it doesn't have many calls to go, but each call takes a significant amount of time now...

Uggghhh. At least I can stop for now and come back where I left off, but then I won't have the entire lab done early. I was hoping to submit the whole thing early for the significant extra credit it's worth; I still get bonus for what I do submit if I submit only part early, but I'd like the whole thing.

Maybe Mrs. Goldman will be sympathetic to my plight; the timeouts on the lab are the same ones used for the last several years, so perhaps they need to be turned down.

I am so... incredibly... bored...

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