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On "Busy"

Joe, one of my suitemates, is playing Star Wars Galaxies on his laptop computer. He is not busy.
Jamie and Patrick and several of their friends are playing a violent Playstation game. They are not busy.
I am writing a LiveJournal post. I am not, at the moment, busy, but I should be...

Assignments for today, less than a week into the semester:

1. Read a chapter and a half of Physics.
2. Read two chapters of Algorithms.
3. Start looking for monologues for the mock audition for Acting class- I got two good books from Olin Library, but I have to dig through them.
4. Write a nasty computer program for Algorithms. (They're right- Dr. Goldman (the female one) gives very nasty assignments.)
5. E-mail Dr. Goldman (the male one) to tell him I got dewaitlisted for Acting and am enrolled and need to drop Psychology.
6. Write a boring but long computer program for CS 102.
7. Write up a Physics homework assignment.
8. Participate in a TopCoder Single Round Match at 7:00 PM.
9. Go to EnCouncil meeting at 8:45 PM.

I have talked to many other people in this dormitory. Nobody else has yet accumulated this much of a workload.


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