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Back at the Center

I finally got to go back! Today was my first day back at the St. Louis Science Center since early in the semester when I discovered I really couldn't do both SLSC and college.

It was fun surprising the heck out of Scott and Amanda. I tried to e-mail them ahead, but it bounced- so they didn't expect me. Needless to say, they were glad to see me since their other volunteer was out!

The place was a chaotic mess as usual- from finding not one, but five separate faulty robots, and racist graffiti on an out-of-order sign, and an irate lady who called me a "worthless vanilla moronic bigot" when I kicked her off a comptuer because of the 20 minute time limit. The fact that she was of darker skin means, of course, that her race was the entire reason I chose her to kick out to make room for someone else. Never mind the fact that she had actually been on the computer for over two hours and in fact had been on the longest of anybody I've ever seen at the Science Center.

More amusing was the overweight, middle-aged guy posting a reply to someone's personal ad. Doesn't he make himself sound wonderful? Approximate text:

I actually stopped him on it. "Sir, I don't mean to be the 'Net Police, but in most cases, all caps commenting is considered shouting, and rather impolite."

"Yeah, I know. But I like all caps."

...I think, in that moment, I learned more about human psychology than anything up to now.

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