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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Good sign...
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It's a good sign when, even though I have a cold, I aced a practice final exam (CS101, in this case) in 45 minutes. Oh, and the test in question has a two hour time limit...

I'll sit in the front row of the room, since there's a request on the test not to get up and leave if there's less than 10 minutes left so I don't disturb others. That might be waived if I sit in the recliner1, since it's in the front row, and I'd just as soon not be waiting that long. Or, perhaps I should e-mail Professor Goldman and ask if I can bring my Game Boy...

Oh, and I was a Semifinalist in the CS101 contest. http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~kjg/cs101/fall2003contest/ has all the entries; http://students.cec.wustl.edu/~abn1/Tetris.html has my game. The awards ceremony was memorable; it involved large numbers of sarcastic Academy Award jokes and Professor Goldman doing a striptease2.

Anyway, with how I did on that practice exam, I think I stand to do well on the real test!

It also helps that I've added up my points and came to the conclusion that my current score for the course is 105%. As the Final is only worth 15%, I can get a grade as low as a 70% and still wind up with more than 100% of the course...

1: "The Recliner" is a broken chair in the front row of Brown 118, our classroom and exam room. For unknown reasons, it leans back a significant amount; in lecture I avoid the seat because I wind up almost sitting in Rahav's lap. (Russian dude who prefers the second row.)

2: Don't worry, he only took off his clip-microphone, his overshirt, and his belt.

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I played your 'tris, and it is nicely designed, but for one thing: the speed of each level should advance more gradually. It's easy for a long while, then suddenly it's challenging... and immediately after that stage, a tower of pieces just blinks into existence and ends the game!

It's because of a rather poor algorithm I have for piece speed. There's a base value BASE_DROP_DELAY for how long a piece "waits" at each 1/5-step of the fall; every 2000 points, a constant LEVEL_SCREWAGE is subtracted from BASE_DROP_DELAY in the falling routine, to decrease the wait. The line looks like

Tetris.sleep(Math.max(LEVEL_SCREWAGE - (BASE_DROP_DELAY * Tetris.getScore()/2000) , 1));

and you can see my "clever" abuse of integer division to have distinct 2000-pt. levels.

The problem with this routine is that it increases speed as a harmonic series, backwards. But on the limited time for the project, I couldn't get a better routine out...

Even so, I think it's a lot nicer than the First Prize one, which is irritating and buggy.

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