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My bogometer just redlined

Actually, the needle broke against the high-end stop.

Bogometer: n. Notional device to measure bogosity.

Bogosity: n. The degree to which something is bogus.

I am not proud to admit that this bullshit is from a Washington University professor... a tenured Washington University professor. Cut off the extention on the URL, check the site of the prof in question, and draw your own conclusions about his bogosity. Especially with the footnote about blood drives.

Remind me never to take a class under Jon Katz.

This was brought to light in a recent Student Life editorial; J. Katz had ranted (correctly, IMHO) against Stephen Wolfram's lecture (primary objection, and a reasonable one: it was crackpot science), and a recent counter-letter brought this interesting web-site content to light while urging the firing of the profasshole in question. Good quote from the letter:

"He objected to Washington University allowing a crackpot to speak for a day. What about the crackpots who speak daily?"

I doubt that anything can be done about Dr. Katz; I don't think he's done anything actually firable. But that doesn't mean I have to accept him as a professor- I'll delay a course if it means I don't have to have a class under him.

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