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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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My bogometer just redlined
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Actually, the needle broke against the high-end stop.

Bogometer: n. Notional device to measure bogosity.

Bogosity: n. The degree to which something is bogus.

I am not proud to admit that this bullshit is from a Washington University professor... a tenured Washington University professor. Cut off the extention on the URL, check the site of the prof in question, and draw your own conclusions about his bogosity. Especially with the footnote about blood drives.

Remind me never to take a class under Jon Katz.

This was brought to light in a recent Student Life editorial; J. Katz had ranted (correctly, IMHO) against Stephen Wolfram's lecture (primary objection, and a reasonable one: it was crackpot science), and a recent counter-letter brought this interesting web-site content to light while urging the firing of the profasshole in question. Good quote from the letter:

"He objected to Washington University allowing a crackpot to speak for a day. What about the crackpots who speak daily?"

I doubt that anything can be done about Dr. Katz; I don't think he's done anything actually firable. But that doesn't mean I have to accept him as a professor- I'll delay a course if it means I don't have to have a class under him.

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That man has no sense.

AIDS was started most likely in monkies, and existed in Africans. The first man (a male stewardess I believe), who was gay, was simply the first guy to spread it. If you look at Africa where it came from, it happens to absolutly here. It even happens here in America to straight people, in increasing porporion as well.

If human nature was not meant to be homosexual, then why are people born homosexual? Unlike what the stupid homophobic kids who run around yelling "FAG FAG" all the time believe, it does happen in nature. Just like if someone is born with a 6th finger. If people see someone like that, they'll usualy feel sorry for that person. But if someone is gay, he will have more of a chance of being outcasted, because his sexuality has to do with how he interacts with other people. Such brash actions against gays are completely uneeded and irrational.

I mean seriously, even if it was somehow "wrong", what the hell do they want the homosexuals to do? Die? How about a concentration camp, worked for those heathen jews under Hitler! (In case you failed to ntoice, that was a load of pure sarcasm).

Surpress desires? I don't think he understands just how short of a fair trade that is. A man and a women can screw around all they want and no one will care, but "homosexuals" have to contain themselves in their privacy?

And the blood drive protest he's talking about is perfectly right. Why should they keep men from giving blood who are homosexual? If they don't test positive for AIDS, why shouldn't they?

Erp... a few spelkin mestakes. I meant "there" not "here" in the beginning.

Quoth Katz:
> The human [male] ... was not designed to be promiscuous


Tell us another funny story about your planet, Dr. Katz!

(And it's not just me, and it's not just about our species. Ask any evolutionary biologist.)

My god. Why? What is he the prof of? or what department is he in?

He studies gamma rays apparently.

Cause you know, studying gamma rays totaly makes you a worthy advisor on civil rights.

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