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Judo: Beyond The Limit


Man, I'm wiped.

Judo class was hard. Since it's Halloween, only me and the older set of the Senior class was there. I therefore had no even match.

This class played out about like a tape of "Sensei's Hardest Home Excercizes." She worked us hard.

We started out with the regular excercizes- followed by "Foot Sweep Relay:" run between two people, at each person hang on to his (no females besides Sensei tonight) belt, inside foot up as if doing a sweep, and put your free hand down. Repeat for the other side with the other person. For two minutes. With ankle weights.

Next: Power fit-ins. This involves lifting up someone with the start of a throw- while one (or two!) people behind him hang on to his belt to prevent him from actually being thrown... and you therefore get to lift the entire weight of the person. I ended up in line so I was lifting Wright.

I weigh 137 lbs.

Wright weighs 220 lbs, and it's all muscle. He has the build of a bear. (Literally. The American Black Bear usually weighs in at about that range- with his build.) So I got to lift him- repeatedly.

I did it. Repeatedly. For the first time ever.

We followed up with an excercise officially unnamed, but generally called the "Super Bungee Attack:" a rubber rope, held in the middle by one person and at both ends by the other. The person holding it by the ends steps backwards, stretches the rope by executing the movements of a two-arm throw, spins around, and does it for the other side. Repeat.

That excersize is MUCH, MUCH harder than it sounds. I'm usually saved by the fact that it's easy to be the person just holding it in the middle, as an anchor.

There were an odd number of people tonight. Guess who got to do double excercize, with Sensei on the other end?

After we recovered from that, we finished with the free-practice randoris. I started out against Jon, and promptly injured my right foot again. I reovered, and promptly managed to utterly fail in throwing him- on the flipside, he didn't throw me.

Since we had an odd number of people, I got to sit out from round two. I had the distinct pleasure of watching Mike VS. Jon- the Judd Brothers.

"OW!" Jon's failed foot sweep delivered a major blow to Mike's right foot. A bit later, after Mike recoverred and the match continued...

"OW!" Mike stepped on Jon's foot. We still don't know how accidental it was.

Third match: Me vs. Wright.

How I ever managed to pin him, I don't know. I'm certain he let me throw him- but not the pin, I'm rather certain...

And I have a tournament this Saturday. Wish me luck- I've never won a single tournament match before in two years; we'll see what happens...

Oh, on an unrelated note: My eyes are still a weird yellow-gold-ish color.

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