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Gale Force

Today was windy.

I mean really, really windy. I mean "lean into the wind or fall over." I mean "blow small freshman off-course when he's staggering to class without actually having eaten breakfast but is clutching a bagel in a bag in his hand" - level winds.

It was wonderful.

The flying leaves, a diagonal rain of orange, were one of those times I wish I was in the habit of bringing my camera with me. The fun of watching the turbulence in the air, traced by brightly colored autumn-tree-debris.

The feeling of the wind. Wind just gets me stoned. No explanation, but a natural 20mph gale-force wind is, to me, incredibly, incredibly relaxing. It's fun to feel the invisible pressure of the fast-moving air on me, around me, and I don't know why I like it. But I do.

And the feeling that a good run, and a good jump, and I could just fly... not gonna happen, but running at high-speed into a headwind is good enough for me.

The morning was perfect- comfortable temperatures, no loud construction work, nothing I couldn't tune out that wasn't nature on my way to Calculus. The sounds of others just sort of dissolved out of my awareness- and the morning just was. And at this point, I curse the English language for again utterly failing to let me describe anything whatsoever of this- and I'm really not going to try.

The difference in opinion was amusing to me- to most, the wind was annoying, irritating, problematic- to me, it was relaxing, exhilirating...

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