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When Anti-Bayesian Spam Costuming Goes Horribly Wrong

Remember, as you read this, that the entire thing was in <h1> and was therefore painfully large. (And how I got it to say <h1> h1 without it trying to execute is a trade secret.) I didn't click the link; I'd guess it's YAPS (Yet Another Pyramid Scheme,) but I'm not sure. Link was the underlined text, but I'm not making it live. So there. Nyah.

find that other qualifications than knowledge and a love of
destitute of water and plants; the army is lacking in the
her taste. And she had a lady's maid, also big. She said...
Would you like to be Financially Independent
important work on its subject, and it entitles Theophrastus to be
to traverse and natural obstacles to encounter this is a drawback
then that study is certainly unlawful, that is to say, not befitting
Removal Information on Site
personal. It is clearly the interest of all who fear inquiries,
[Repeated from VII. ss. 1, where it is certainly more in
would not have taken lovers (des amants), but I have not done so,

Oh, now I get what's up! I couldn't actually read the text I was supposed to read, and could read only the hidden stuff. My preferred computer color scheme is inversed- light gray on black- to reduce eyestrain. So this meant I could see all their invisible white text, leaving the italicized text completely invisible- although it was supposed to be the other way. I didn't see the italicized text at ALL until I highligted it for the copy.

I've got a similar problem entering forms in Opera, actually. It's quite happy to listen to my system's request for a black background color for text boxes, but not for gray text. So it prints in the ever-legible black-on-black scheme. Any workarounds better than highlighting the text to see what I just typed?

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