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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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My uncle Melvin is dying.

It's been almost two years since he had a ruptured hernia that left him in a coma for months. Then he regained conciousness, he started to get better- then he got a treatment-resistant illness, and got a lot worse. And then better, and worse, and better, and worse...

And now he's lost. He had a heart attack in the hospital a week ago. A few days ago, the doctors gave up, and Uncle Melvin decided to go home so he could be with his family, and see his cat one more time.

I talked to him on the phone on Saturday. Perhaps talked at him would be more appropriate... he could barely wheeze a reply.

He's going to be dead before the end of this week. The doctors are giving him, at most, 72 hours. I can tell he's scraping to hang on until my mother can get out there and see him one more time; she's leaving for Indiana tomorrow.

And I'll never get to see him again. My schedule doesn't permit it. Because of how my classes are, and how much in-class credit there is, I can't go to Indiana with her. I won't even be able to attend the funeral.

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There's plenty of University policy on my side... problem is, it all ends in, pretty much, "but you have about one day to dig yourself out of the entire backlog you accumulated while you were out, including any in-class exams and in-class quizzes. They don't have to let you make up labs if it's posted that they can't, and professors don't have to tell you what you missed." And I'm digging myself out of a poor first round of midterms- I can't afford it. No sense in squandering a life for the dead.

::huggs tight:: Im so sorry Kis. I just lost a friend to a car accident on Thursday and I know how aweful it feels. I wake up depressed every single day and keep seeing him in everything. Its so sad. All I can say is try to hang in there, remember him for who he was. He will no longer be in pain soon. Just pray for him.

I'm sorry to hear that... 'To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.'

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