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Why I Ask For Regrades

In CS201, I've found it to be worth my time to check over my homework assignments as soon as I get them- and ask Dr. Pless immediately if I disagree with lost points. It pays off.

Nothing against Dr. Pless, but his graders don't know what they're doing. Today, I got back a formal regrade I submitted on Tuesday; it was a 22 point assignment. I got 7 points back... including a change from a 0/6 to a 6/6. The question was asking about four functions, four "subquestions" each- 3, a)-d), i]-iv]. Because of how it was asked, I answered the questions without the i] ii] iii] iv] bit- they were "Is the function injective? Surjective? Bijective? If it's bijective, give the inverse." I answered with things like "The funciton is surjective, but not injective." and "The functon is bijective, and the inverse is..." instead of i]yes ii]no iii]no iv] N/A as we were apparently expected to. The grader gave me 0/6 with the margine note "i? ii? iii? iv?" from which I determined he didn't like my style.

I asked for a regrade on questions 1 and 3 (1 had other problems) and got back a +7. He didn't refund any of the two lost points on question 1... he agreed with my objection, but then found something else I'd done wrong. He's made an offer for a way for me to get those points back, so I'll probably take it. 3, as previously mentioned, got +6 from zero to perfect, and much to my surprise, 4 got bumped from 1/5 to 2/5 (with the note that "Yes, you got it wrong, and you didn't fight it, but you got it more partially right than the grader said you did.") even though I didn't ask.

It's definitely worthwhile to ask for those regrades...


While typing up an e-mail to Dr. Pless about those two extra points, he came through the Attic, the study lounge I happened to be in. (It doubles as a hallway to the portion of Lopata that houses his office.) So I answered the question, and got the points, and now salvaged nine out of 12 missed points, turning 10/22 to 19/22. Not bad.

There are advantages to preferring the study lounge near an instructor's office.

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